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ISDN, LAN- and Analogue Installation Techniques

with an Introduction to Fibre Optics

Authors: H. Krüger, J. Gestrich
Pages / Ill.: 112 pages, var. ill.
ISBN: 978-936318-52-4


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The object of this book is to provide the reader with an overview of existing telecommunication and data transfer line systems together with the connection techniques used, and to introduce future systems that will need to manage increasing volumes of data and higher rates of transfer.

First, the types of cable and lines used in telecommunication and information facilities are introduced. This will include the materials used, their construction, colour-coding and core-counting methods. Following this, analogue and digital connection systems and ancillary equipment will be introduced, whereby particular emphasis will be placed on the installation and configuration of an ISDN basic access connection. After a short digression to introduce xDSL technology, a further chapter deals with the cabling for computer networks. The chapter »Application-independent Wiring Systems according to European Standard 50173-1«, that has been fully revised and extended to include the specification of transfer lines in categories 6 and 7, explains the standard-compliant installation of structured cabling systems, in a practise-oriented manner. The »Copper Techniques Section« concludes with an introduction to the bonding and contact principle of LSA-PLUS components and Western (modular) connectors.

The final section of this book deals with the subject of fibre optics and optical waveguides, the techniques used and their application in practise. This introductory section will enable students to understand this modern technology.