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State of the Art Power Electronics

Principles of Control in Power Electronics

Authors: S. Grohmann, J. Ziemann
Pages / Ill.: 93 pages, various illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-924544-40-9


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This workbook presents a systematically compiled set of working sheets for examining, by measurements, commercially available, power electronics equipment, in conjunction with the training system developed by the Lucas-Nülle company in Kerpen, Germany.

The practical excercises and theoretical explanations described in this workbook have all been thoroughly tested in courses of instruction and in training courses. The information gathered from these tests has implemented in this workbook; not only to modify the content of individual excercises, but also to improve the methodical and didactical transcription. The book has been compiled in such a way so as to allow an open method of teaching.

The fundamentals of power electronics are dealt with at various depths. Thus, this workbook can be used for teaching in initial trade-training as well as for adult retraining courses and in further education such as engineer and master-craftsman training.