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Signaling in Mobile Radio Communication

according to the GSM standard

Author: Dr.-Ing. Joachim Göller
Pages / Ill.: 90 pages, var. ill., incl. CD-ROM with excercises
ISBN: 978-3-936318-24-1


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The book »Signaling in Mobile Radio Communication« is intended to provide an insight into the functioning of a mobile radio network. Whosoever is informed about the signaling and knows the »vocabluary« involved is likely to be well versed in the domain of mobile radio communication. The colloquial presentation and the practical exercises on CD-ROM supplied along with the book ensure and facilitate acquisition of fundamentals.

The author, Studiendirektor Dr.-Ing. Joachim Göller, has been engaged in several educational endeavours centring around ISDN. His didactic approach to present even complicated technical contents in a rather commonly accessible language has rendered his work quite effective.

The CD-ROM contains the translator »GSMView« which is tailored to deal with the examples on CD. It does not work with traces of newer SAGEM trace mobiles.